Xian Silkroad

SRO- Sparta Nhận Cài Đặt Máy Chủ Sro - Sơn Nguyễn
Silkroad Online, Vin Sro, Cap 100, Only Asia Sro Kim Long SRO BÁ VƯƠNG MAP 150 Chiến Binh SRO ANH HÙNG
Xian Silkroad
Xian Silkroad

Trang chủ: www.play-xian.com

Gruop/Diễn Đàn: https://www.facebook.com/playxian

Phiên bản: Silkroad Map 60 - Máy chủ: Xian

Loại Game: Exp: 1x - Drop: 1%

Alpha Test: 22/07/2022 (09h) - Open Beta: 28/07/2022 (09h)

Ngày đăng: 31/07/2022 01:28 PM

    Xian Silkroad | 60 Cap CH | Long-Term | Drop System 28/08/2022

    discord : https://discord.gg/dx2wCJCNqs

    web site : https://play-xian.com/


    Since 2006, I have been playing as a player in the silkroad community. We enjoy presenting our first project to you, our most important point is to gain your trust in order to be a fun and enjoyable server.

    It is a Retrospective project that will be updated as 80-90-100 cap for the future, our biggest goal is to be a long-term adventure, let's get started.


    Mastery 180

    Max Lv 60

    Main Town Hotan

    Silk System

    Degree 7

    Fortress War Jangan

    Survival Arena Active

    Capture Flag Active

    Battle Arena Active

    Academy Offline

    PC Limit 1

    IP Limit 2

    FTW PC Limit 1

    FTW IP Limit 2

    Job PC Limit 1

    Job IP Limit 2

    B.A CTF PC Limit 1

    B.A CTF IP Limit 2

    Guild Limit 24

    Union Limit 2



    Exp&Sp&Drop&Gold 1x

    Special sauce system is available, only seal of sun drops from all mobs, all degrees are available, at the same time immortal blue featured sun item drops

    1~5Degree sox drop Easy | 6 Degree Medium | 7 Degree Hard



    Alchemy rate is same as ISRO. There is limit for 10

    -Jewel Box

    Jewel Box spawns from 30+ mobs.Original rewards are active.

    -Magic POP

    You can obtain Magic Pop Cards from uniques. You can get GDF from Magic Pop.

    Item Exchange Coupon Gift items ( resmi eklenecek aşağıdaki itemlerinde resmi eklenecek )

    Vigor Recovery Grain 25x

    Silk 50

    Magic pop Card 1x

    Trigger Scroll 5x

    Elixirs 5x

    Reverse 5x

    Arena Coin 5x


    The Job system is completely original Jangan & Downhang & Hotan


    -Custom NPC

    Hotan Town in Special Item Manager, Have items for Gold & Arena Coin & Silks


    All uniques Spawn time 30~35 minute for drops Magic pop %10 & Reverse %100 Arena Coin %100

    Tiger Girl



    -Old times maps

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